Monday, November 04, 2013


For those of you who know me on Facebook and Twitter, you probably already saw my morning drama. You see, I had a run-in with a woman who was, like me, out walking/running her dogs this morning. She felt 100% that she was in the right and had the right of way, and so did I. Oh well. She reacted badly as did I.
I am proud of myself for not going off the deep end and saying all of the many horrible things I wanted to spew and felt like spewing out at her, though. I think that if I had said all those things, I would most likely not be feeling as fantastic as I do right at this moment.
I am a knee-jerk reactor to situations, with the emphasis on "jerk" sometimes. Probably more often than not, if I am to be completely honest with myself. But it's really a choice, isn't it? Our reactions are our choice. We can't fairly say, "That woman made me so mad!" Or, "Look what you made me do!" No. We CHOOSE our actions. Sometimes, they are instictive and so ingrained in our DNA that we have difficulty with the self-control piece, but it is always a choice.
I woke up this morning early and on my own. It's one of the things I adore about Daylight Savings Time ending and Standard Time beginning. Waking up before my alarm. Rested. Ready to go. I decided that today was going to be a great day. And then the run happened. The thought went through my head, My day is now ruined! But I stopped myself. My day would only be ruined if I allowed it to be. So I shook it off, ran hard and fast and got the frustrations out of my system (with the aid of a couple of Twitter rants and a nice long diatribe on Facebook). Today is great. It is great because no matter what happens, I woke up and got to enjoy some fresh air before the rain came. I got to love on my dog and then wake up my boy and love on him.
Life is good.
Enjoy your day!

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