Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Getting Older, Resolutions, Etc.

As the clock winds down on January and we enter my birthday month, I'm in a very reflective place. I have this list of New Year's Resolutions sitting next to me, just waiting for me to put them out there into the blogosphere for all to see.

I'm a couple of years or so away from my 40th birthday. I have a well-paying, but seemingly dead-end job that I do not love. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I don't hate it, but "love" and "job" are never connected when speaking of how I obtain my bi-weekly paycheck.

I have an amazing husband and kiddo. Truly. Awesome. I adore them and their existence makes my life on the completed side of things. They are my family. My circle.

I live in a nice home, have nice things, blah, blah, blah.

I'm in relatively good shape considering the way I eat most days. I'd love to be skinnier/more toned. I could be, too, if I worked a little more at it.

I am comfortable with my relationship with God, but I'd like to improve my son's relationship with Him. I know what that takes, too.

We travel quite a bit.

When I look at what I've just typed, I just have to shake my head. What the eff do I have to complain about? I truly have "it" all. Love, family, job, home, recreation, friends. My life is damn near perfect!


I have this ridiculous list of resolutions. All with the underlying theme of "My life is far from perfect and so am I."

So. Resolutions. All in the name of striving for perfection. I'd like to make my outside as well as my insides just look better. And this year, I've made this list of resolutions that not only help me on my path to that end, but also intertwine with one another.

Here goes.

I want 2012, The Year of the Water Dragon, my 38th (yikes!) year of life on this earth to be the year that I FINALLY:

Go to church regularly.
Work out regularly.
Make peace with the not-so-new dog.
Stop using my credit cards.
Give up either Botox/fillers or La Mer.
Pay off the credit card balances that have creeped up on me after paying them all off last year.
Take more care in my day-to-day appearance at work.
Stop oversleeping.
Get enough sleep.
Find a new and better job, one that I actually enjoy doing each day.
Smile and laugh more often.
Stop sweating the small stuff.
Let go of lingering anger and resentments towards those I've decided have done me wrong at one point or another (It isn't "cute" to be so focused on disliking a person, no matter what sort of person they might be).
Celebrate random and obscure holidays.
Read much, MUCH more.
Play fewer games on my phone.
Play more games with my son and husband.

Most of these resolutions intertwine and are connected. I hope to take the time to more fully explain HOW that happens in future posts.

Until then…

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