Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Large Extra Value Meal - An Ode

"Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!"


The words simply don't do you justice, oh saucy, cheesy one. Paired with a large order of french fries, you weigh in at 1040 calories and 54 grams of delicious, yummy fat. Nutritionally, you have about zero redeeming qualities, what with your processed, frozen cheese, scant amount of iceberg lettuce, and dehydrated onions.

What you lack in nutrition, you make up for in flavor.

I "save up" to buy you. Not my money, thankfully, but my calories. My workouts. I work my ass off, literally, so that I can, on rare occasion, indulge in your $5.93 value meal goodness.

I try to eat healthy. I work out. Mostly a lot. I plan meals and cook and eat soups and salads. And if I want a slice of pizza or cake or a Big Mac? Well, let's just say I choose to not have one daily. But I do reward myself with junk food. :)

Yesterday was an indulgence day. It was also P90X day 2 for the third time.

At approximately 11:34 AM, I got up from my desk, walked to my car, drove through the McDonald's drive through, ordered a "Number 1, large, with a Diet Coke," paid my $5.93, took the bag, burned my mouth on the french fry I ate before driving away, made it back to the office with most of the fries left, sat at my desk, laid out that meal, opened up my instant messenger, and IM'd my friend, "Guess what is sitting in front of me." I then gobbled the entire meal in about 15 (okay 10) minutes.

I enjoyed every cheesy, saucy, processed, dehydrated, bready bite! The only problem? Not that I felt "gross" after eating such a monstrosity after eating and living healthy (as Bob and Jillian on The Biggest Loser would have you believe), but that I almost instantly wanted another one. A second Big Mac.

And in a huge effort of willpower and restraint, I did not return to the McDonald's drive through for it.

And for dinner? Baked chicken with spring vegetables and brown rice.

Point of this post? Not much. I just haven't posted in a while. And I really enjoy Big Macs. :)


Jessica Gottlieb said...

this makes me want to hop into my car for a plate of chili cheese fries.

That's what I save up for.

Mrs Pop said...


I know what you think of McDonald's and the processed food industry.

It's like your stories of running to the taco truck. Junk food/Fast food is fine in moderation and if you are an otherwise active, healthy person.

It is NOT fine for every meal or even every day, though.

And I still want another Big Mac!