Tuesday, November 02, 2010

High Gear

Have I mentioned here that I love fall? Well I do. Adore it, actually. I love the weather change after so many consecutive days of oppressive heat. I love that the clock rolls back an hour. I love the festivites, family, and football. And fall baseball. But for me, fall doesn't truly begin until November. It's too hot until then. Okay, really October after we visit the pumpkin patch. It feels like fall then.

Well, now fall ball is over. And except for the drinking, so is football for my two favorite teams. And we've survived another Halloween with our livers only slightly worse for the wear.

I just voted.

The weather is truly fall-like now (fingers crossed for the last day of 90+ temperatures in 2010!).

I put the Halloween decorations up into the recesses of our attic, past the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations that will come down in about three weeks.

This Saturday is our neighborhood garage sale. I am so excited. Baseball scheduling has interfered with our participation in setting our junk out with price tags on it for the past two and a half years, so with the exception of a few desperate Goodwill drop offs, we've just accumulated. Once this stuff leaves my house, it will be gone. My guest room, currently the staging area for the sale, will be fit for guests once again. And if it doesn't sell, it will go to charity.

After that? It's all social obligations, all the time. We have three kid birthdays and one adult birthday this month (so far), a fight night hosted by us, and Thanksgiving at our house to round out the month.

So while I am still yearning for a weekend "off" this year, and while we are definitely going to get busier and busier, I somehow feel like taking a huge sigh of relief right now.

Happy November!

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