Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twitter (and Facebook) Killed My Blog

It's true. Since joining both Twitter and Facebook, my blogging has become almost nonexistant. On Facebook, I'm busy updating people I actually know (with a couple of exceptions) with pictures and stories and status updates. On Twitter, I'm providing 140-character updates on everything from T-Ball to how much I'm exercising.

These things used to be reserved solely for here.

While I am still going to be on Facebook, I think it's time I said goodbye and deleted my Twitter profile.

The internet is a funny place. "Social" media is even funnier. It can be a wonderful thing. I have met some great people via the internet... But that was a long, long time ago. Back in the day of the BBB. I am still in touch with those people. We are friends IN REAL LIFE.

And there are some people with whom I've connected on Twitter that I'd like to meet. You know who you are. But I'm really afraid that in this day and age and at this point in my life, it simply is not going to happen. Let's face it. Aside from the very few people on Twitter I know IN REAL LIFE, or even the Central Texas area gals who I haven't met yet, but are in close proximity to me, I am just not going to travel that far. When I travel, it is to be with my family or close friends, but not to leave my family. Never. So you won't see me at BlogHer or at 140 conference, or at any of the other events out there that connect people who've met virtually in actual REAL LIFE.

We are not friends... Yet. The comfort of the world wide web has lulled us into thinking that we are. But the thing about friendship is that it takes effort. Conversation. Email. Coffee. An invitation to my home. I'm old fashioned that way.

The other night, I had dinner with one of my oldest friends. It got me to thinking. You see, when once we were practically inseparable, life happened to us and we grew apart. But she will always and forever be one of my dearest friends. I know this because I know that if anything ever happened to me, if I needed her help, if I called for ANY reason, big or small, she would be there. She has my back. And I have hers.

THAT. That truth right there? THAT is friendship.

And people of the world wide web, you guys are not my friends. We are acquaintances at best. And that's okay. It has been made abundantly clear to me that if I need you in the virtual sense, if I'm being attacked for expressing my views or even for defending yours, you most certainly do NOT have my back.

I made the mistake one too many times in the blogosphere of stepping up in blog comments to defend someone I mistakenly thought was a friend. But in the world of the internet, you people do not follow my rules of friendship. It's okay, really it is. You might not have the same friendship code I have. But I'll stick to my blog and stay off Twitter. "@" replying to someone does not mean you are friends. Cameraderie does not mean you are friends.

And quite frankly, I prefer the real world.


Binary Blonde said...

On my iPhone, so pardon the short comment. I feel the exact same way. I've been thinking a lot
lately about the same things, especially as I get together with more moms for play dates and reach out for more activities IN REAL LIFE. I think I would be happy
to just copy/paste your post onto my blog. :) Also, for
what it's worth, we're just getting into having more
company over since BBoy is mostly on a predictible schedule now. I would still love to meet you and your family someday, when or if circumstances warrent it.

Mrs Pop said...

You're welcome to copy it... :)

Sometimes the web can facilitate long-lasting friendships. But it is a fine line. It lulls you into thinking everyone is your friend. They are not. They have potential to be, but are not there yet.

You've got to watch the South Park episode about Facebook. It is SO. TRUE!

It's funny. When I talk to my "real" friends about my "twitter" friends, I most often get these blank stares.

And you are one of the people I think it will actually be possible to meet... IN REAL LIFE. :)