Monday, December 01, 2008

Who Cares if it is Early?

One of the things Dr Pop and I accomplished while I was on vacation was our Christmas shopping. Well, about 95% of it anyway. On Monday, while the Boy was at school, we headed out and hit the stores. We got my parents, my brother, his parents (mostly), and Boy Pop pretty much done. I think we have a few bits and pieces to pick up here and there, and I also need to pick up a birthday gift for my brother who had the good fortune to be born on December 23rd.

What a relief we were done! That meant that we could spend Tuesday hanging the Christmas lights before the family descended upon us on Wednesday.

But we got a wild hare to go shopping again!

And Dr Pop picked up this:

Obviously, Christmas is a month away, but since I was with him, and I tried it on, and some other little extenuating circumstances occurred, I walked out of the store with this gorgeous bracelet on my wrist.

He's a good man and I do not care that I won't be unwrapping something on Christmas Day. This is perfect.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to Friday. Black Friday. The day that is typically spent at home, avoiding the stores at all costs. Except this past one.

I won't go into the gory details of the day, but one of our five stops that day was at Sportsman's Warehouse. We'd been in a few times before, looking at pump action shotguns.

For some reason, both Dr Pop and I have been seriously considering buying a shotgun. At first, we wanted a handgun for home defense (hey, he travels and a woman was killed in our neighborhood about five years ago), but the more we compared handguns to shotguns, the more we were attracted to shotguns. Lemme tell you, the sound of the pump on a shotgun is one of the scariest noises around. Anyway, we had been intending to purchase one (ONE, mind you) for some time.

So we stopped by the gun department. Two hours later, we each had our own Mossberg Pump Action Shotgun. Dr Pop opted for a 12-guage, but that was too much gun for me.

I have this:

Scary, isn't it?

Seriously, though? The man buys me jewelry and firearms. He's perfect!


Jessica Gottlieb said...

OMG a big gun and a big stone.

Dare I ask what other big items with pumps and stones the Doc might have given you?

*shaddup I know I'm a child*

emily said...

OMG, his and hers shotguns!? There's no need to guess where y'all are from! :) Hahahaha.

(i mean no offense, i say that as a yellow rose myself)

Alexandra said...

You know, I love your Blog, but as an Oklahoma Sooners Fan, I have to rub it in a little bit that we are way better than the Longhorns! LOL

Mrs Pop said...

Oh Alexandra, I wouldn't say "way better" than us... Way luckier, perhaps.

We did beat the Sooners. And the Tigers... That is best saved for another post. ;)

Binary Blonde said...

WOW! What a gorgeous jewelry set! Aquamarine? So, pretty! Quite a thoughtful husband you have there. :)

Mrs Pop said...


But of course! Sad thing is that we are not your typical Texans, but are doing some stereotypical things these days!

Actually, the ring was a gift in April (a surprise after a very hard week in which Boy Pop went to the emergency room among other things) and the bracelet just happens to match. They are both blue topaz, but the ring is darker.

And thanks! :-)