Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Baking Season

One thing I especially love about the holiday season is the baking. I love to make and decorate cut-out cookies, breads, and assorted snacks. I also love trying out new recipes.

Two years ago, I tried my hand at gingerbread. I promptly realized that I do not particularly care for molasses and my husband does not care for ginger. Oops. My coworkers enjoyed my efforts, though, and I kept the calories off my thighs.

Last year, I tried making taffy. You can safely assume that it did not turn out quite so well.

Since we are going on a ski trip, for a week, in a week, my time to bake has been severely cut back. Therefore, I'm going to limit the baking to the essentials:

I think we'll do the puppy chow and one set of cut out cookies this weekend. I plan to pull out my mom's old recipe that we used when I was little. It's a little less sweet than, say, Pillsbury, but it is oh-so-good. I have so many memories as a child of cutting out shapes and decorating yummy cookies.

Also on the agenda for this weekend? A visit to see Santa and an engagement party. Plus the Big 12 championship game. Yikes!

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