Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writer's Block

Ah, I have not much to say this week...

Dr Pop went out of town for work. And in my usual "I hate when he goes out of town so I go overboard on household projects" fashion, last night I...
  • Sort of cleaned out my closet, removing spring clothes, moving in some fall and winter clothes, weeding through clothes I haven't worn in years...
  • Played with my son
  • Dealt with a major meltdown temper tantrum
  • Put son to bed
  • Did laundry
  • Put away some of the laundry
  • Gave myself a pedicure
  • Gave myself a manicure
  • Did a Philosophy micro-delivery peel

Every few months or so (like when winter finally turns into spring and summer finally turns into fall), I do a closet organization. I go through the clothes I have, move out the stuff that won't be worn for several months, and bring in the clothes that are relevant for today. I also go through all the clothes I haven't worn in forever, and try to force myself into reality. The reality is that I have not worn that pale orange cashmere sweater in the past 5 years and I doubt that I will have it on this year, either. The key word is "try" though.

I have this nagging little voice inside my head thinking that there is definitely an off chance that this item will A) come back in style or B) I will wear it this year for sure! I'm not the only one who suffers from this malady by the way. Dr Pop has PLENTY on his side of the closet that fit that description, too! And we both have tons of clothes that just hang in the closets in the office, guest room, and upstairs hall.

I really need someone like Peter Walsh to come into my house and force us to get rid of the crap we don't use or wear!

About my nails. I have red fingers and toes. I've been staying away from the red nail polish lately as I wanted to mix it up a bit. But I'm in a red mood. And since I was feeling spunky, I decided to polish my fingernails, too. Back in my early twenties, I got regular manicures and pedicures. I always had beautifully polished nails. I tapered off the nail polish after a while and would only get a manicure every few months or so, and I rarely painted my fingernails myself.

After Boy Pop was born, I stopped with the nail polish completely. There just seemed to be too much else to do and since I cannot stand chipped nail polish, I just went without it altogether. Well last night, I changed my mind and decided to put that pretty red nail polish on my fingernails, too.

It's already smudged.

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