Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Monopoly on Hypocrisy

Whoa Nelly! It's getting heated like I knew it would...

Oh, Sarah Palin, I feel your pain as a mother. I feel your pain as a woman. You try your best to teach and instill your values in your children and then they go and make a monumental mistake that is life-altering to them. And that mistake is being played out on a national stage, causing pain and humiliation to someone you brought into this world.

I put my own parents through hell as a teenager. I partied. I got into trouble. I never got pregnant, though, thank goodness! My parents did their level best to instill in me a good, sound moral compass and I believe it has withstood the test of time.

As an adult, I've made choices that made my parents cringe and wonder where they went wrong. But always, I've maintained the lessons they taught me. And I hope my son will have the same values.

I feel for you right now. You are being attacked, almost brutally, because of your daughter's bad choice. As parents, our children's choices are a reflection on us and she is reflecting badly, no matter what you and your husband tried to teach her.

BUT... You two are not bad parents, from what I can see. Nor are you bad people.

What I cannot fathom is how deeply you are being villified in the press. For something you did not do. And what I cannot fathom is why we never really heard a big hubub about onetime presidential hopeful and big player in the Democratic party, Mr. John Edwards. You see, he DID do something horrible. He cheated on his wife, WHILE SHE WAS BATTLING CANCER, and possibly made a baby with the other woman. And that was swept away.

Republicans are being called hypocrites right now, all because one teenage daughter went against everything her parents taught and stood for and is now going to be a teenage wife and mother. It is just plain sad.

Now, let's talk for a minute about executive leadership, shall we? I love when governors run for president. I think being a governor and having the executive leadership of a state's legislature and National Guard is a great training ground for running a country.

Contrary to what Campbell Brown at CNN imagines to be true, in times of state crisis, it is the Governor who deploys the National Guard. I watched part of her interview with Tucker Bounds of the McCain campaign where she was so snotty and rude to him that McCain pulled out of his scheduled Larry King interview. She really needs to get her facts straight.

The commander of the armed forces deploys National Guard troops in times of war to the war zones (i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan). He/She also can deploy guard troops nationally. But the governor does have that power as well, in his/her own state. Take the recent hurricanes, for example. It was Rick Perry who called the National Guard troops in Texas to the Gulf Coast region for potential disaster relief. Not General Petraeus.

Get your facts straight, lady. You're making women look stupid.

I'm ready for Palin's speech tonight. I'm ready to hear her plans and details therein on the reformation of our government. I'm ready to hear her take on the economy and what we can do to repair it.

Yesterday, I was flipping through my XM stations and landed on the POTUS08 station. They were playing Reagan's 1980 convention speech. It gave me chills.

I miss Reagan. I miss the party the Republicans once were. But I don't in my heart believe that McCain and Palin are the ones to bring us back. But they are definitely a good start.


I'm really tired. Tired of the word hypocrite and all its variations being thrown around. No one has a monopoly on it, I'm sorry to tell you.

Both parties have their extremist factions, too. On the Republican side, it is the nutjob extreme "Religious Right." On the Democrat side, it is the extreme, left side, share the wealth, the government knows better than the people what is best for the people so let's take all the money then spread it back around. So. Um. Yeah, there's no set name for that particular nutjob extreme, I guess. I'm more middle of the road with conservative leanings myself, so I'd prefer an Executive Leader who falls closer to that middle line.


Which pair falls closer to the middle? Not sure? That's the cool thing about the internet. We get to do our own research and check out voting records and implementation. :-)

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