Monday, July 14, 2008

Flying Cat

One of the things that really draw us to the Bengal cats is the playfulness. Both our cats are always playing, jumping, and generally into everything. Most of the time, it is entertaining. They will tear through the house, bouncing off the furniture and each other, rolling and tumbling and jumping all over the place. We love making them jump, too. If we time it just right, we can make them jump three feet in the air, do a sumersault, and land facing the opposite direction while doing a Scooby Doo running impersonation. They are hilarious!

When one or the other is busy digging holes in comforters or stealing items and stashing them away in their secret hideout, well, that's not so much fun. I guess it's a give and take.

Our "baby" Pookie (aka Genghis) has really come into his own in this house. He definitely rules the other animals, even our 90 pound Golden Retriever! He can often be found terrorizing his older "sister" or the dog. He generally tears everything up that he can get his greedy little paws on, loves to knock things over as often as possible, and has the smelliest poop on the planet.

But oh how he can fly!

The picture up there was taken by me as I was lying on our bed, which sits about four or so feet from the cat tower. The top of the tower is about three feet taller than our bed. He was going after a toy mouse that was next to my arm.

Edit: Dr Pop would like me to tell you that the jump was about 6 feet, not 4. :)

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Binary Blonde said...

Bengals are awesome cats! They are seriously hyper, though. Haha! When I used to be a feline vet tech and people asked my opinion on what type of cat to get, I would ask them first if they wanted an energetic or laid-back cat.

If they said energetic, I would say Bengal, Somali or Aby cats.

Also, all the Bengals I've ever known had really smelly poop and flatulence! I don't know what it is about them, but they share those common traits. LOL