Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Confession


I need a pedicure. Not one of those $100 spa jobs, just a good, old-fashioned cheapo one would do the trick. Plus, they last longer anyway (probably because they don't coat your toenails with quite so much oil and lotion).

Backing up a bit, I'm a bit of a foot snob. I believe that if one is going to wear sandals or flip flops and expose one's toes to the rest of the world, it is respectful and proper and essential to make for damn sure that they are groomed properly. Exfoliate the dead skin. Push the cuticles back. Slather on some good lotion. Keep the nail polish fresh and chip-free.

I've actually posted quite a bit on the topic both here and at the "Stilettos" site.

This is the first year that I have shamefully not followed my own advice.


Back in my single days, I would draw a bubble bath every Thursday night and just soak to relieve the stress of the week. This would be the time I would give myself a complete pedicure as well. I would use a foot scrub, push back the cuticles, take out my foot file and get after the bottom of my feet, and really go to town. Later, I would polish my toenails and apply the fast-drying topcoat and cuticle oil.

My Thursdays were one part "end of the week" ritual and one part weekend prep.

I've also always, for as long as I can remember, kept a foot file and/or good quality scrub in my shower for those between times. I still do have the scrub, but my foot file needs to be replaced.

But the bottom line is that I've fallen off the wagon and even though I'm wearing flip flops today (and sandals all week), my toenail polish is woefully chipped and my toes need some attention.

Again... Shameful!

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