Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wussification of our Youth

We had this massive rainstorm Friday night. It was huge. There were tornado warnings, hail, and driving rain. It hit fast and just as quickly, it was over.

Saturday, we had picture day for all the YMCA league teams. Our pictures were at 1PM and game time was 2PM.

We get to the picture location, where the coach announced that because all the fields were a little muddy, all games for all sports had been cancelled for the day.

Are you kidding me? Seriously. What's wrong with kids running around and getting a little muddy? It was hot outside, so once they're done, you hose them off and let 'em go swimming. Are we that afraid of getting our pristine clothes dirty that we are no longer allowing kids to be kids?

I'm afraid so.


Pitter Patterson said...

we recently had the same thing happen at one of olivia's soccer games - i was informed that it wasn't about the kids getting dirty. it's about the field/grass getting destroyed and leaving a big half-grass, half-mud pit mess. it's about the soccer league or whoever grooms the fields not wanting any more work to do than necessary!!!

Mrs Pop said...

Well pfft! I don't want reasonable explanations! I want to complain!


Binary Blonde said...

Yeah.. Even if that's their excuse, that's still not a great reason to cancel a game. The mud will eventually dry, no? Who cares if the field isn't all lush grass? Sheesh.

Karly said...

You need to come out to our area. Reese got to slide around in the mud all morning for his soccer game. It was a blast and I was impressed later at my laundry skills!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Okay I totally agree with y'all on NOT turning the kids into sissies.

But the reason we keep kids off our muddy fields is because it ruins the fields.

Miranda said...

I actually think it might be more of a safety thing. They might slip and fall and break a bone or sprain something, or slide into each other and get hurt...

Or maybe they are just trying to make wussys. :)

Mrs Pop said...

Okay, okay! I get it. ;-)

And I agree that it is important to be able to grow grass and for the field to be mostly grass.

And after practice on Monday, where the kids (and adults) tripped time and again on some holes in the playing area, I could see the point of not wanting the field to be any worse, or cause injuries.

But I still say that this was more about not wanting to get muddy!

Mrs Pop said...

And Karly, if you didn't live an hour from me, we'd join your league in a second! ;-)