Friday, April 11, 2008

The Patient

The black eye is a remnant from last Saturday's soccer game.
Swelling is much better today than it was last night, when this was taken...
Is this what raising a boy is like? Panic, pain, perpetual injuries?


emily said...

Oh Your Poor Baby!!!

I'm so sorry. You're clearly both great troopers to handle all this.

I think that this is exactly what raising a boy is all about.... :(

Mrs Pop said...

If my mother-in-law hadn't been there with me on Wednesday night, I'd have lost my mind.

As it so happened, I only lost it once I was completely alone. Thank goodness!

Sue said...

Not pain, pain, perpetual injuries

Yee Haw cowboy, take it like a man!
Zero tolerance for whiners...

you see it all begins with XYZ