Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rock Candy

One more little story for Valentine's Day...

This is the year of 5...

5 years ago today, my husband "officially" proposed...

We were at dinner at Truluck's in Austin. For some reason, I cannot remember what I had to eat... Probably steak. I couldn't eat shellfish because I was baking a little something in my belly and had been advised to not eat shellfish. Probably not-so-suprisingly, then, if you can read between the lines, our wedding plans had already been made by the time we'd sat down to dinner. We were in a little tiny bit of a rush to get everything set, actually. I knew Dr Pop wanted to give my my official proposal on one knee, and who was I to deny my man the opportunity to be thoroughly romantic?

I'll never forget dessert. The waitress presented the dessert tray, and discussed each option in detail. Then, she reached into her pocket and said, "Or, if these don't interest you, we do have rock candy." And then she handed the little velvet box to Dr Pop. Then, in front of the entire restaurant (who were all looking because of my loud gasp and laugh), he got out of his chair, went to one knee, and asked me to marry him.

Of course, I said yes.

And then we had dessert!

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