Thursday, January 31, 2008


Here we are on the last day of January and I feel like I haven't accomplished or even come close to accomplishing anything on my resolutions list. Urgh!

So what am I doing here? Avoiding that list, that's what! Instead, I'll take a moment to discuss perfection...

The perfect outfit: Dark, low-rise, boot-cut, well-fitting, long jeans, white or black figure-flattering sexy tunic, strappy stilletto sandals.

The perfect meal: Begins with a glass of Nickel and Nickel Sori Bricco. After that, I share a seared Ahi starter. Then comes the dinner salad with a house-made vinagrette. The main course is surf and turf. A petite filet cooked medium-rare to medium with a lobster tail with lemon and drawn butter. The sides are fresh creamed corn and a potato of some sort. Dessert is Creme Brulee with fresh strawberries on top.

The perfect hangover cure: Drink a glass of water and take three ibuprofens. Depending on what time I wake up, it's either a sausage biscuit and hash browns from McDonald's or a Big Mac extra value meal with a regular coke.

The perfect road trip: In my younger days, that would be driving cross-country to a UT sporting event. These days, the perfect road trip is the one to the "good" mall in town.

The perfect facial feature: Smoldering eyes.

The perfect drink: With alcohol = Martini made with Tito's vodka, fresh pineapple juice, and blueberry-pom juice.
Without alcohol = Giant glass of Iced Tea with plenty of fresh lemon or lime juice.

The perfect song: I don't really have one, but if I'm forced to choose, I have been listening to Ayo Technology by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake quite a bit lately.

The perfect sign of affection: A squeeze, tickle, kiss, and hug.

The perfect afternoon: Snuggled in a blanket on the couch, watching some horrible and cheesy romantic movie with a large Diet Coke and bag of baked Cheetos on the coffee table while it is rainy and cold outside.

The perfect vacation: A 5-star all-inclusive resort at a Carribbean beach. Doesn't matter which one.

The perfect invention: DVR

The perfect type of wedding: The destination variety with a massive reception/party back home.

The perfect album: Hmm... If "perfect" means one I can listen to all the way through multiple times, then it's a tie between "Stereo" by Vallejo and "Year of the Monkey" by Pushmonkey.

The perfect accent: Sean Connory's Scottish Brogue.

The perfect date: A date that starts with flowers and ends with a kis (and more).

The perfect weather: Sunny, not humid, between 75 and 80 degrees with a slight breeze.

The perfect party: One I host.

The perfect sport: Football.

The perfect thing to say: "Honey, no one can hold a candle to you." and "Quit your job, we just won the lottery and the limo is on its way to take you shopping."

The perfect day of the week: Saturday.

**Posting idea courtesy of Jenni.

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