Monday, December 03, 2007

Productive Weekends and the Like

Whew! What a weekend! We still haven't officially named the kitten, but right now the name is "Genghis Jin Skittleshanks Taz, or the cat formerly known as Eminem." We're thinking of just calling him Skittles for short. With a cat like him and his impressive bloodlines, he has to have an impressive name, even if we don't ever call him that. That's what we do, you know. Call our pets anything but their real name. Our Golden Retriever is named Harley Saint Nicholas, but we call him Bubba or Boozer, depending on the moment. Our other cat is named Talia, but we call her Wookie.

Saturday was the day for cat accessory shopping and we made two trips to Petsmart and one to Petco. Then we did all the indoor Christmas decorating. The ornaments are on the tree, the Nativity Scene is up, my little collection of Santas are out, the stockings are hung, Boy Pop has a little tree in his room, there is lighted garland on my banister, and the place looks pretty darn festive.

Saturday was also deep cleaning day since I haven't had a maid in the past two weeks. The kitten peed a gallon on the bed, so we figured it would be a good time to treat the mattress, buy new sheets, flip the mattress, and put on a new dust ruffle. Dr Pop took it upon himself to lift up the box springs and vacuum underneath the bed. I don't think this had been done in the past four years. He filled up the vacuum's canister with just that. He did all of the heavy lifting, too. I just sat there and was astounded by all the cat hair and dust under there. I did pull out all my old beads, though. I really need to start making necklaces again.

We had some friends over Saturday night, so naturally I drank way too much wine. ;-)

By the time Sunday rolled around, we were pretty much too lazy to do anything. I made breakfast and did a little laundry, but that's about it on the day. Boy Pop finally got out of his PJ's at around 5 so he could ride his big wheel to the park. Alas, it was getting too late, so we did not end up making it all the way there. Dr Pop even came and picked us up since it was getting dark and he was worried.

Other than that, Boy Pop and I did not leave the house all day yesterday.

Today was the Boy's 4 year checkup. That wasn't too much fun for him as he had to have two shots, but he was a real trooper and got a Happy Meal with both chocolate milk AND apple juice as a reward. That kid'll be really hyped up on sugar this afternoon!

Now I'm back in the office and have to get to work. Fun for me, lemme tell ya. Ugh. I dislike Mondays...


jenny cook said...

holy moly you got a lot done this weekend! i'm jealous! your house is festive and clean - mine is getting there.

glad to hear the checkup went good too. happy december!

Mrs Pop said...

It doesn't feel like I did, though, as I did not touch a thing with a dusting cloth, so there is a coating of dust everywhere. There is just SO. MUCH. TO. DO. But I'm going to attempt to let go of the "must get it done" attitude and just go with the flow. Like the trip to see Santa. That didn't happen this weekend. And we didn't get our Christmas card picture done yet, either. Maybe sometime this week...

Saw you got tons of snow. Wow! We don't get that here.