Friday, December 21, 2007

Actual Writing and Stuff

So, um, yeah. It seems that my list-making has moved onto my blog.

I have no pictures for this post, but they would have added so very much to it.

I've been sick for two weeks. At first I thought it was allergy-related due to the crazy weather we've been having here in central Texas. Seriously, what is up with this? One day it is 80 degrees, the next, it is in the 30s, then the next day, it's back to the upper 70s, then down to the 40s and so on, and so on... Add to that rain, fog, high winds, sunshine, mist, more fog, and more winds, and well, that is a recipe for seasonal allergy attacks.

But I think it's progressed from allergies to a full-blown cold and sinus infection. I've had several days where I thought getting out of be would kill me, but at least it would be better than laying prone without being able to breathe. I haven't slept well because of all the decongestants and antihistamines I've been taking. And for the last two days, the pressure in my skull is enough to make me cry. But I can breathe.

I'm done with self-medicating and am going to bite the bullet and go to a doctor and get a shot today. I think.

In spite of the feeling like crap, we have managed to get some Christmassy-type stuff done around the Pop household. Boy Pop "helped" me make salt-water taffy Wednesday night. It was the first time I've ever attempted to make anything candy-related (I've never even made fudge) and I'm pretty pleased with my effort. It's beautiful. Except that it doesn't actually look like any taffy I've ever seen. And it is too salty. I followed the recipe precisely, so maybe I'll blame it. Yeah. It was the recipe's fault. I also cut out little pieces of wax paper and individually wrapped each piece. Too bad the candy sucks because it looks really cool. I wanted to take pictures of the entire process, start to finish, but didn't think about getting out the camera until after I finished wrapping the candy.

Then, the Boy had a bath. After the bath was done, Dr Pop decided to try to trim the Boy's hair. It had gotten so long that we had to do something and our favorite hairdresser couldn't get him in before Christmas. Knowing that this little haircut was going to occur, I had made a backup appointment for Thursday for the Boy.

Cutting his hair was relatively easy. Boy Pop did so well sitting on the barstool in the kitchen. He was as still as a four-year-old can be expected to be and I'm really proud of him. Dr Pop looked like a pro when cutting his bangs and the back of his hair. I think about an inch and a half was taken off the back. Then Boy Pop hopped down from the stool and Dr Pop took him to dry his hair. After a couple of minutes, I walked into the bathroom and Dr Pop was holding in his laughter as best he could... My baby looked like Moe from the 3 Stooges! But at least his hair was out of his eyes.

The best part about the haircut? I get to claim zero responsibility! And on Thursday we went to a professional to have it fixed. It's a little shorter than I prefer and the bangs are uneven, but it doesn't look terrible. And now we have a story to tell for years to come... You know, the one about that time Daddy decided to never become a barber...

Last night, we made Puppy Chow. It turned into a family affair. Boy Pop watched as I put the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter in a bowl. Both Dr and Boy Pop sneaked a few Crispix from the other bowl and a few chocolate chips. Boy Pop stood on a chair and watched as I melted and stirred the mixture then poured it onto the cereal. I measured powdered sugar and put it into a sack, dumped in the chocolate/peanut butter coated cereal, then all three of us took turns shaking the bag until there was a coating of powdered sugar on each piece of cereal, then Dr Pop helped me pour the finished "Puppy Chow" into a zip lock baggie. We all sampled it extensively. This is by far the simplest recipe I have. I highly recommend making it.

Tonight, if I'm up to it, we will make cutout cookies. Tomorrow, Boy leaves for my Mema's house with my parents. Dr Pop and I will finish up wrapping gifts and prepping for Christmas over the weekend, taking a break to watch the Dallas Cowboy game at a bar (Don't get me started about the f-ing NFL Network... Bastards!!!!), then go down to Mema's house after I get off work on Monday.

I wrapped a pile of gifts last night and the space underneath our tree finally looks abundant. We're not finished shopping, I'm not finished wrapping, there is a ton that must be finished ASAP, but I'm getting there and I'm really excited about Christmas this year! And next year, I plan to get an earlier start and be more organized than I was this year. I was sad that I had to let go of having a cookie decorating party because it was so much fun last year. But it was also a lot of work and our plates were just too full.

All-in-all, as I reflect upon the holiday season beginning with Halloween, this has definitely been the best one yet. Boy Pop is finally at the age where he gets really excited and into the various events. Dr Pop has been unbelievable in the way he's made this magical for his son, too. We've watched Christmas movies, spent good time together, gone to parties, seen Santa, ridden the Polar Express, and even with all the external stuff going on in the living of our day-to-day lives we have managed to inject some extra love, cheer, and giving into the season that I just know will extend throughout the year to come.

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