Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I take it back

I officially take back every single negative thing I’ve said about “modern” video games. There, I said it.

I’ve been of the mindset that no video gaming system exists that can compete with my beloved Atari. Seriously? What out there can compete with Pac Man and Frogger played with a joystick? I hate those other game controllers that require you to drive a car with arrow keys and are so complicated and complex that I always end up wanting to throw it through the TV after two minutes (really, it’s one minute).

But then, something strange happened. Nintendo came out with this (relatively) inexpensive gaming system that doesn’t come with one of those 500-button controllers. And it doesn’t have those pretentious graphics and games. Oh no. It has games like bowling. Tennis. Boxing! And you hold the controller and move it around in your hand, waving it in the air like an idiot, as you attempt to hit a ball or someone on screen.

I’m totally not doing it justice. I’ll just say this much… Go buy a Wii. As soon as possible. Start playing. Then be shocked when you can no longer move your arm or your back because you have just bowled 10 consecutive frames, pitched 12 innings of baseball, and gone through 8 sets of tennis without stopping because it is just so much damn fun.

Now, if only Wii fit would hurry up and be introduced over here. That shit is sweet!

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