Monday, May 14, 2007

A Lovely Weekend

When I arrived home from work on Friday, my husband was no where to be seen. What was right in my view, however, were a dozen beautiful roses and an adorably sweet card. Dr Pop came out from around the corner just as I was opening the card. In it, he’d written that I should “get dressed, now” so that we could go celebrate Mother’s Day. So. I did.

He would not tell me where we were going, and he surprised me again with the location… A new restaurant downtown that we’d wanted to try. We had our Mother’s Day celebration a couple of days early and it was wonderful!

Saturday was spent with our friends who are coming to Mexico with us. We spent the entire afternoon enjoying the first official lake day of the season. We got home late, and went to bed.

Sunday dawned and I woke up early. My parents were bringing Boy Pop back from my grandmother’s today and we would all be meeting for a nice lunch. We made it to the restaurant right before the rush, had a relaxing meal, then went home. Boy Pop took a nap and I got to spend an hour and a half at Target! I came home and we went to the pool. Sunday night was spent watching the Survivor finale and The Sopranos.

I cannot place exactly one moment that made the weekend spectacular, rather, the combination of being totally relaxed, spending romantic and fun time with my husband, and enjoying my son make his first jump of the year into the pool* made this particular weekend one of “those” times. I couldn’t have choreographed a better weekend myself if I tried. And maybe that was the key. We were just laid-back and relaxed. No time tables, no babysitters to contend with, no worries… Just us.

*A cute story for later.

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Pitter Patterson said...

that does sound perfect! i could only wish for a weekend like that.....