Monday, April 16, 2007

While waiting for a meeting...

My "leave no later than" time here at work is 4:30PM. It is currently 4:08, and I'm sitting waiting for a meeting to start that should have begun 8 minutes ago. It will not be over until 5PM.

The CPA's office closes at 5PM. Yeah. The DAY before they are due. Which means I get to drive an hour round trip at lunch tomorrow, then get to stand in line at the post office tomorrow as opposed to getting it over with.

Dr Pop leaves for the OC tomorrow. Won't be back till Friday. :( My parents are coming for a visit during this time, which will definitely make things simpler in some ways, but really? Nothing makes up for the lonliness of your spouse being gone for a significant amount of time. I don't need help with Little Pop, really. I don't need help with meals or laundry (that's what keeps me sane!). I need help in the middle of the night when I've had a nightmare, or the dog growls for no reason. I need help in the evening hours, when I'm watching one of "our" shows and don't get to laugh at it or talk about it with someone else who "gets" it and me.

When my husband is gone, I miss him.

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