Monday, April 09, 2007

What IS it about Good Friday??? And other random thoughts...

Two years ago, on Good Friday, the Pop family drove three and a half hours to my home town to spend Easter weekend with my family. We packed for two days. Two hours after our arrival, Little Pop started throwing up. He did not stop until the next day when the IV was put in at the hospital… That means he threw up for over 13 hours and had to go to the hospital. One that wasn’t in his hometown. One that was three and a half HOURS away from our home. A week later, he was finally released and we got to go home. To Austin.

Last year, we made the same trip, but this time, we packed extra clothes. One can never be *too* careful. Uneventful. No illness. Nothing.

This year, we were planning on getting up bright and early Friday morning and making the trip yet again. Fate had something else in mind, however. At 4:30AM, Little Pop climbed into bed with us and threw up. And continued to do so for several hours, meaning we had to cancel our trip. I was actually looking forward to the trip, too. So Friday was instead spent taking care of my sick little one, watching for signs of dehydration (see above where he had to go to the f-ing hospital!), and cleaning.

I have no maid (Remember? She stole money from my child!) and haven’t been keeping up with the housework. Since the plans changed, the entire clan decided to come down to see us instead. And my house was filthy. So I cleaned. I made pasta salad. I grocery shopped. I mopped. I washed sheets. I cleaned up the puke that missed the toilet. And I hugged my baby a lot. I think I may have scared Dr Pop a little because I literally could not stop.

By the time my family arrived on Saturday, you never would have guessed that Little Pop had ever been sick. I’m still amazed at how quickly children bounce back from stomach viruses. We spent the day going to the “ghetto” mall to visit the Easter Bunny and then traveled down to the “good” mall to just do stuff outside the house.

I’m a little worn out from the weekend and lack of sleep, despite a nap on Friday, one on Sunday, and falling asleep way too early on the couch Saturday night. It might have something to do with the friends who came over last night with Guitar Hero. Finally! A video game I can play! It’s highly addictive, by the way…

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Violet said...

I'm glad to hear your baby's ok. : )