Thursday, January 25, 2007

A serious, non-inflamatory question...

Apparently, everyone's all excited about the prospect of both Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama as potential presidential candidates... My political affiliation is no secret, but seriously? What is so special about either of these two people? I wondered the same thing about Kerry, too. Is it the fact that they are affiliated with the Democratic party? What are their stands on things like:

The death penalty?
Homeland security?
The economy?
Big government?
Personal accountability/responsibility?
The government's role in individual lives?
States' rights?
Community rights?

Since the president is only part of one of three branches of government, he/she doesn't have as much power as one might think and to me, it doesn't really matter who is in office as long as no one retires from the Supreme Court. But tell me... What doe these two people belive?


emily said...

I think there are lots of reasons people are talking about them right now. To begin with, it's a woman and a black man. That they're being truly considered is a huge step for our country. Also, they're both interesting people. We all remember Hilary. She's Hilary Clinton for goodness sake. Barak Obama is exciting. He's young, handsome and people see him as having a lot of new ideas. He's very engaging and an inspiring speaker.

As to specific beliefs, we don't know all of it yet. We do have their voting records for the past few years.

Mostly people are excited about a change. Both are different than our current leadership. And since our current leadership isn't exactly loved right now, they are exciting.

Ellen said...

You make a good point regarding the historical implications, but this isn't the first time a woman or a black man have run for president.

I will have to learn more about Obama. I do know all I care to know about Hilary and I don't like many of her platforms. It's not that she's from a different party, either. I probably feel the same way about her as a lot of people feel about GWB. I don't like what I know of her as a person and I don't like her voting record, I didn't think her husband was a good president and I don't think she'll be better. But I do believe she will be our next president and it's something I will have to live with.

Change is good. I just hope my party can come up with a Reagan-like candidate to bring us back to the good old days.