Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hide And Go Seek and Other Fun Things!

These past couple of weeks have brought about a resurgence of one of my favorite games as a child... Hide & Go Seek.

I don't remember the exact day, but not too long ago, Little Pop, out of the blue, said, "You wanna play hide an go seek, Mommy?" It came out of left field, but of course I did! And it's become a family ritual almost every day, several times a day, since.

LP: Okay Daddy. I'll count and you go hide right there and Mommy will hide in the closet.

MP: Little Pop, it doesn't work when you tell us where to hide.

LP: Oh. Okay. You hide in the bathroom while I count.

DP: Don't forget to tag us when you find us!

LP: onetwothreeten ready or not, here I come!

Much laughter and chasing until we start again...

You know how I talk about "moments"? Our hide and go seek playing is just one big perfect moment after another. I used to be a little sad because I felt that we weren't doing enough with Little Pop, despite the reading and the Lego building and the Tinker Toy creating and all the other stuff... But now? Now I'm not so sad. : )


Yesterday, the Pop family went and picked up Mrs Pop's shiny new birthday present! It's a month or so early, but I don't care! And by "pick up" I really mean "waited around for two hours and forty five minutes and Oh. My. God! how on earth can you entertain a three year old in a room full of shiny cars he can't touch? oh yeah put him in their toy room only to turn around and turn back and PANIC! where the hell did he go??? raise the alarm to about 6 different adults who were scouring the place only to find him in the ladies room sitting on the potty and whew! and HOLY SHIT!" The people at the car dealership in Round Rock, I'm fairly certain, think I am certifiably insane.

Thank you, Dr Pop, for my shiny new present!


So. This Sunday is the Super Bowl. I'm rooting for both teams to do well. I want my former Longhorns at Chicago to have stellar, spectacular games, but I want my two hometown boys on the Colts to come home with rings. Mainly, I'm watching for the commercials this year.


Last week, Little Pop got the stomach bug that's been making its way around town. Not fun. Last Wednesday night and Thursday morning were the 2nd scariest time for me as a parent. The first scariest was a stomach bug, too, but it escalated into a week-long hospital stay while he was on IV fluids and losing 25% of his body weight. But, as children do, he bounced back like one of those super-bouncy balls as soon as it passed through his system.

Me, on the other hand? Well, as vomit-cleaner-upper on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and as the person who unknowingly laid her worn-out body on a blanket covered in it at 6AM after finally coaxing the little one to fall asleep, well, I must not have washed my hands enough even though I *did* do 8 (EIGHT!) loads of laundry in a 12 hour timeframe. I got it Friday evening. And I didn't bounce back as quickly as my child, but I tried! And I'm all better now, too. :)


So there you have it. Lots of rambling, lots of sentence fragments, lots of run-on sentences, and a whole host of other grammatical errors later, I've managed to update the world (and my two to three readers) with the mundane goings-on in the Pop household.

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