Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sleeping through the night

The last several nights have not been good sleep-wise. Sunday night, I kept waking up over and over again and woke up yesterday morning feeling like crap. Then, when I got up, I heard the blaring of the TV in the play room and went to check on my early-riser-of-late, Little Pop. What I found were quite a few items from our kitchen junk drawer strewn about and boxes of fruit snacks blazing a trail from the play room all the way back to the kitchen, but no sign of Little Pop. Panicked, I searched the downstairs, checking the doors to make sure he hadn't gone outside, looking in the bathroom, etc. Finally, I went up to his room, and there he was, sound asleep.

This morning, I woke up a little sore from being shaken awake at 3:40AM by Dr Pop. It seems that Little Pop had had a nightmare and was crying. (There has got to be something I could say about that, but I'm too damn tired to think of it) So I dragged my half-asleep self upstairs and consoled him until he fell asleep again. I fell back into bed at around 4AM and of course, overslept this morning. When I got up, all was quiet, so I proceeded to get ready. About the time that I was walking out the door, Little Pop wandered downstairs ready to roll for the day. I honestly don't know why he's not sleeping longer these days! But his new routine is killing us. I've been a huge fan of letting him sleep as much as possible and NOT waking him up to go to day care at 7AM. But his little clock KNOWS. I swear it does. Tomorrow, his daddy has an out of town meeting, so I'll just bet Sir Doesn't Sleep In Anymore will take this opportunity to force me to wake him up and deal with the ensuing crankiness. Either that, or he'll already be up and decide to throw one of his classic tantrums when I attempt to get him to go potty and get dressed. Happens EVERY time.

It's issues like this that make me miss being a stay-at-home mom. We used to be able to take our time in the mornings and just chill.

Why can't I just win the lottery and quit this job? WHY???

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