Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I just finished reading a "mommy blog." Today's entry was about her son's 2nd grade class's art project. It was apparentlly a book of illustrations done by the children in the class. She posted page after page of drawings, and while I know/hope that she was joking, it was still disturbing to see her making fun of the various children's drawings.

If she were just posting about her own child, that'd be one thing, but she isn't. It was mean and hurtful, and just sad. I may not find that many new, original, or even nice things to say here, but I don't make fun of children. It's just wrong.

Why is it such a growing trend to tear others down? It's huge in the blogging world right now. So much anger and hatred toward total strangers. Random internet people are so totally invested in watching the dramas that unfold through various blogs and just so damned ANGRY about it all. There is actual hate out there just because some women had the wherewithal to put ads on their site and start earning money. There is hate because some women are actually famous for their blogs. Oh and there's all kinds of other vitriol spewing forth.

I'd stop looking, but it's like a trainwreck and I'm a voyeur.

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