Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Turbo Update

My name is Mrs. Pop and I’m a turbo-aholic. I actually feel GUILTY when I don’t do this at least four times a week. I am really enjoying this DVD collection. The other day, I finished the 45 minute "cardio party" and wanted to do more. Secretly, I believe that there’s brainwashing afoot and that I am part of a large Southern-California, super-healthy, super-perky conspiracy to brainwash me into their cult of Nike Shox-wearing, flat-abbed, pig-tailed fem-bots.

Bring it on! As long as my muscles get defined. ;-)


emily said...

I did get it! I love it. I did the learn & burn the first day, the 20 minute one the next day and yesterday I tried the 45 minute one, but quit after 30 minutes. I really like it and I'm like you, I actually look forward to doing it. And about the pig-tails...I think if I look like those girls, I can handle wearing them. Even though I kind of hate them. I'll do it for the abs.

Ellen said...

I will say this about Ab Jam... NEVER have my abs felt so sore and so tight after any workout. I have 14 days until my trip, I need to do this EVERY day!