Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Just when I thought that my darling husband had done everything romantic in his repitoire, he pulls the biggest stunt that still leaves me speechless... First came the flowers, then the gift from the boy (one of my favorite candle scents, Home Sweet Home), then the biggie... My combined birthday and anniversary gift... It started with a giant box full of old books and shoes (to throw me off the scent). But inside one of the books was a card that told me to check my email. Lo and behold, right there in my inbox was the most incredible and thoughtful power point presentations (I'm still stunned at the thought and romance of the contents). And there it was...

A WEEK IN MEXICO!!! Combined for my birthday (yesterday) and our anniversary (today).

Thank you, my love... You knocked it out of the park. You are still full of surprises and I love you more each day.

P.S. The presentation alone would have been gift enough for me. You have forever placed in the ranks of the most romantic "grand" gesture ever. :)

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emily said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Anniversary to you. Happy Romantic Husband to you. Happy Week in Mexico to you!