Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yep. That's me. I'm an asshole. Probably most of the time...

You were absolutely, positively, 100 PER-CENT right on with your assessment last evening… I was an asshole. Why, you ask? After all, I’d had a pretty damned good day at work and we were finalizing our trip plans… The trip I’m now officially calling “Romantic New Year’s Eve in the Snow, Rolling Around, Making Snow Angels, and Stuffing Snow Down Each Other's Clothing Trip.” Do I really need to explain “why?” Can’t we all just live in the comfort of the knowledge that your pointing out my asshole-ness snapped me out of it? That did it. Well, that and the addition of a little pharmaceutical assistance. And some appalling wine. And wasn’t I perfectly pleasant to be around after that? And didn’t I do my equivalent of what I like to call subtly jumping your bones?

Oh... By the way... I LOVE YOU!!!

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