Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can YOU Take The Heat?

Football. College Football. College Football Smack. Yes. We are mid-way through the college football season and here at the office, things are heating up, rivalry-wise. You see, I live and work in the same area where I went to college. I am a die-hard University of Texas Longhorn fan. I also work with a multitude of Longhorn rivals. I don’t keep my fan-hood a secret, but I don’t flaunt it or taunt others in any way. I just can’t. I spent too much time eating my words after a disappointing loss to make that mistake again.

This philosophy, by the way, drives everyone around me crazy. All day, every day, since the opening weekend, I’ve heard nothing but smack talk about my team. My team, by the way, is ranked number two in the nation and is primed to go to the National Championship game in January, should we win the rest of our games and go undefeated. Quite a bit stands in our way still. There are still games to be played both at home and in hostile environments. Of course, we have played in the MOST hostile of places already this season and have come out of it, pardon the pun, smelling like a rose.

Am I nervous about what’s to come? Of course. Does the passing attack of Texas Tech’s Cody Hodges make me more nervous than a spider being chased by a cat? Definitely. But I have faith. I have faith in our offense. I have faith in our defense. I have faith in our secondary. I have faith in our coaches for the first time since 1998. We still have a mountain to climb, and it won’t be a piece of cake, but we are on the verge of something so special to Longhorn fans. We are on the verge of winning something that hasn’t been won since shortly after Neil Armstrong took those first steps. And I just don’t have it in me to talk smack.

Good, Bad, or UGLY, I will let the scoreboard at the end of the day on Saturday do all my talking. Whether it’s 51-3, Texas or 51-3, Texas Tech. And if it goes against us, at least I won’t have to eat any words. And should Texas end up on the right side of the points, I’ll just smile and start stressing out about the next one.

Good luck on Saturday, Horns!

Texas! Texas! YEE-HAW!

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