Thursday, July 17, 2008

British Soccer Camp

Last week, we participated in our second British Soccer Camp, sponsored by our local youth soccer association.

Monday was rained out, so we went for extra time Tuesday - Friday to make up the day. This was something that Boy Pop was looking forward to because of the fun he had last year and this year was just as much fun! I have the pictures* to prove it, too!

Before I go any further, I should mention that we do not belong to the local soccer association. We do our sports through the local YMCA instead as it offers us the opportunity to try many different sports and gives us a bit more variety for Boy Pop. His fall sport will be tee-ball.

Let me tell you this, though, I am a fan of Challenger Sports. They put on one hell of a camp and the coaches that they bring over each year are simply amazing with their abilities to control 30+ 4 and 5 year olds. Like Dr Pop said on the first day, it's like herding cats sometimes.

Last year, the parents were encouraged to participate with their children, but this year, we were mostly relegated to the sidelines far, far away from the little campers. Most of my pictures ended up being blurry because of the massive amount of zooming I had to do.

On the last day, however, during the final game of "Austin Powers," the coaches called all of us up to the sidelines and randomly picked out people to play different characters. As a side note, Dr Pop played Foxy Cleopatra and did a marvelous job! As he chanted "I'm a whole lotta woman!" Boy Pop practically collapsed into a fit of giggles. Other parents played Mini Me, Fat Bastard (name was changed to protect sweet little ears), and Dr Evil's cat. The kiddos were Austin Powers, who were trying to avoid being touched by the soccer balls that numerous Dr Evils were kicking at them. Err... You had to be there...

The coaches told stories and had challenges during the water breaks and they answered any questions that the kids had about life in Great Britain. The kids were surprisingly well-spoken with their questions.

At the very end of camp, the kids got personal evaluations from their coaches. Boy Pop was praised for his excellent ball control and also for his listening ability. He was one of the youngest in his group and his coach said that he was one of the best listeners. I have to say, that surprised Dr Pop and I just a little. We noticed him being less than attentive more than once. But we were two very proud parents when we heard that little tidbit of information.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic time for all of us, even though it was also extremely exhausting. We will do this again for sure.

*I will not be posting the pictures of all of the soccer coaches out at one of the local watering holes on the last day of camp. But we were invited to meet them out Friday night and managed to find a sitter on short notice and partied with them for a few hours. My hangover on Saturday was epic. Blasted Jaeger Bombs!

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